We offer customized blast freezing and IQF freezing solutions.

Blast freezing also known as shock freezing is a method used to bring down the temperature of food products rapidly. The faster you can freeze a food product, the better the resulting product will be in terms of bacterial growth, taste, texture, and shelf life. The faster the freezing process is, the smaller the structure of the ice crystals that form within the cell. The smaller the crystals, the less likely they are to burst through the cell wall, affecting taste and texture. Unlike standard freezers, blast freezers operate at a much lower temperature range. The typical temperature range for a blast freezing unit is around -40 degrees Celsius.

IQF freezing stands for Individual Quick Freeze. It is a blast freezing process whereby each and every unit freezes individually within the same space of other products. It guarantees the product is being frozen completely and maintains all it’s juiciness, flavour, and texture. Products commonly frozen with IQF technologies are typically smaller pieces of food such as peas, berries, sliced or diced vegetables and fruits but also seafood such as shrimps and meat portions.

Cold storage facility

With a capacity of over 5000MT temperature-controlled multi-storage facility, strategically built at the Bagamoyo EPZA Zone and within the proximity of the proposed future Bagamoyo port, Frostan limited offers a wide range of cold storage services including third-party and custom bonded cold store. our Bagamoyo facility is only 40 Km from Dar es Salaam’s main port and Airport.

Cold chain logistics

Frostan has the technology, the know-how and the facilities to provide safe transportation of temperature-sensitive goods and products along the supply chain like meat and seafood, horticultural produce, medical supplies, and pharmaceuticals.

Our cold chain logistical services include:

  • Cold storage.
  • Cold transportation.
  • Cold processing.
  • Cold distribution.

We provide these services in a manner which ensures your temperature-sensitive Products are stable, well packaged for/on transit and monitor temperature minimums and maximums while on the move or on storage.

Processing conditioning & packaging

Sorting, screening, cutting, quick freezing/IQF freezing, weighing, packaging/portioning, cold storing and distribution are all part of the services our facility will offer and provide in an HACCP/EU-worthy standard.

Customs transit & trans-shipment

We are working on obtaining a customs-bonded warehouse status. The benefit is that goods stored under a bond technically are still in transit i.e. one does not pay import duty and VAT when goods arrive at the Tanzanian border. Once we have the necessary approvals customers should be able to obtain deferred VAT & Duty payments till the time of clearance.

Alternatively, it should also enable us to compose mixed shipments of goods from different origins to an export destination in one of the neighboring landlocked countries.

Feel free to contact us to check the progress made towards achieving the permits!

Import/export documentation

To save time and reduce the administrative burden, Frostan offers documentation and administrative services to its customers.

Transporting, storing, importing and exporting requires all kinds of supporting documentation. In cooperation with different authorities and clearing agents, who are specialized in a particular field, we coordinate and manage the editing of documents to ensure a smooth and hassle-free transaction flow.

We are here to answer any of your inquiries.